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3 Ways to Simplify Your Morning Routine

How to Zip Up a Dress simple morning routine

The easiest way to save time in the morning is by prepping everything the night before because honestly who is fully functioning and awake in the morning? Not me!

1. Plan Everything the Night Before

To save time debating the "I have nothing to wear" scenario every morning, lay out your outfit complete with shoes and accessories the night before.

2. Use Multi-Tasking Beauty Products

To simplify your routine and save time use multitasking beauty products. For instance, pick a foundation that already has an SPF so you can skip a step in your skincare routine and use a cream blush on your cheeks and then double it as lipstick!

3. Brew Your Coffee the Night Before

You can't forget about coffee, it is a morning staple for so many people! The easiest way to still have your coffee in the morning and save time making it, is to brew it the night before and enjoy a Cold Ice Coffee Brew in the morning. Check out this recipe!



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