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8 Travel Essentials for Your Next Business Trip

How to Zip Up a Dress travel essentials

Going on a business trip? Check out list of essentials you will definitely use and not regret bringing!

1. Portable Phone Charger

This is a given! We use our phones for everything these days and we can't risk it dying on us, especially on a business trip!

2. Joy Mangano My Little Steamer Go Mini, Hand Steamer

This steamer is lightweight and will steam your blouse quickly before a meeting!

3. Downy Wrinkle Releaser

If you don't want to carry a mini steamer bring a travel size of the Downy Wrinkle Releaser!

4. Ms. Dress Up The Zipper Pull

A business trip can require you to bring some formal pieces. Are you wearing a dress with a zipper? Get ready easily and independently with our zipper pull!

How to Zip Up a Dress travel essentials


5. Travel First-Aid Kit

You never know what could happen! Always be prepared with band-aids!

6. Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you want to sleep on the plane after your long trip, wear noise cancelling headphones!

7. Shoe Bags

Shoes make an outfit! Protect them and your clothes in your suitcase with shoe bags. 

8. Snacks

No matter which way you are travelling for your business trip, you will get hungry! Don't forget to pack snacks!



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Tips and Tricks | The Zipper Pull as Jewellery

How to Zip up a Dress

To wear the Zipper Pull as a bracelet follow these simple steps:

  1. Pull hook end of Zipper Pull through small charm on chain.
  2. Pull chain over wrist and size until comfortable.
  3. Cinch the small charm with the chain so that it will not come undone when you wear the bracelet.
  4. Wrap chain around your wrist and hook onto any link on the main chain to secure.

For the anklet, follow the same steps.

You can watch our video here



Tips and Tricks | How to Best Use Your Zipper Pull

How to zip up a dress

Purchased a zipper pull? That's great! We hope you enjoy all the time you'll save after you get dressed so quickly! Here are the best ways to use your zipper pull:

1. The Zipper Pull works best with high-back dresses. Our product is perfect to get over that "hard to reach area," mid-back of the high-back dresses that are so difficult to zip up.

2. Make sure you hook the Zipper Pull into the back zipper of your dress before you put the dress on. You then step into the dress, hold the bottom of the dress taught where the zipper starts, grab on to the Zipper Pull and pull the chain.

3. If your dress has fabric that gets stuck in the zipper make sure you zip the dress up a little more slowly. Carefully keep that tension on the chain so that the hook doesn’t fall out of the zipper.

4. Practice makes perfect. When you are taking out the hook from a zipper it may take a couple tries, but soon you will be unhooking like a pro!

5. To unzip your dress make sure you feel for the zipper and feel for the hole with your finger. When you find the zipper hole it will be easy to get the hook back in and un-zip! Make sure you hold the top of the dress attached to the zipper taught, while you unzip your dress. Again, practice makes perfect!

6. If you have a dress with fabric on the inside that gets caught in your zipper, try fashion taping it down to the inside of your dress.

7. The Zipper Pull works on zippers both invisible and regular zippers.8. There is a card in each package to include a special message for a bestie, mom, sister or even a bridesmaid proposal.

8. The packaging is easily opened, by pulling on the ribbon in the front. One can then write on the card (works best with a thin permanent marker so it doesn’t bleed or smudge) and put it back in the packaging.                                                                    

9. Apply products such as perfume, deodorant or hairspray before wearing your Zipper Pull as certain chemicals in these products may damage the finish.

10. Always remove your Zipper Pull before showering, swimming,doing household chores or using cleaners.

11. Never use jewelry cleaner. Jewelry cleaners are harsh and may contain abrasives.



3 Things You Need to Organize Your Closet

How to Zip Up a Dress closet organization

Get an early start on spring cleaning your wardrobe by using these three helpful tools!

1. Velvet Hangers

Having one kind of hanger instantly makes your closet look cleaner. If you have to pick one kind of hanger to use it should be the velvet hanger. Velvet hangers take up less space in your closet so you can fit more clothes and the velvet doesn't allow clothes to slip off! Our favourite brand is the JOY Huggable Velvet Hangers available in an assortment of colours.

2. Shoe Bins

Shoe bins make it easier to store your shoes on a closet shelf and work better than throwing all your shoes in a box and risk losing the right shoe of your favourite pair! We love the The Container Store Premium Shoe Bins!

3. Jewellery Storage 

Finding good jewellery storage can be very difficult because it can get tangled so easily. The Umbra Little Black Dress Hanging Jewelry Organizer is a perfect solution as there are pockets to fit each piece of jewellery so nothing will ever get tangled.



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3 Ways to Simplify Your Morning Routine

How to Zip Up a Dress simple morning routine

The easiest way to save time in the morning is by prepping everything the night before because honestly who is fully functioning and awake in the morning? Not me!

1. Plan Everything the Night Before

To save time debating the "I have nothing to wear" scenario every morning, lay out your outfit complete with shoes and accessories the night before.

2. Use Multi-Tasking Beauty Products

To simplify your routine and save time use multitasking beauty products. For instance, pick a foundation that already has an SPF so you can skip a step in your skincare routine and use a cream blush on your cheeks and then double it as lipstick!

3. Brew Your Coffee the Night Before

You can't forget about coffee, it is a morning staple for so many people! The easiest way to still have your coffee in the morning and save time making it, is to brew it the night before and enjoy a Cold Ice Coffee Brew in the morning. Check out this recipe!



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In-Flight Beauty Essentials

How to Zip Up a Dress travel essentials

Travelling soon? Make sure you take care of your skin! Airplane air can be the absolute worst for your skin. Here are three products to have handy in your purse on your next flight:

1. John Masters Natural Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30

Sunscreen doesn't just protect your skin from harmful UV rays, it also acts as a barrier between the environment pollution in the air and your skin. After you use the next two products on this list, you should apply a small amount of sunscreen to your face and neck! 

2. Simple Kind to Skin Micellar Facial Wipes

Any kind of facial wipes will be your best friend while flying. They can really help get rid of the gross feeling especially when you wake up from sleeping. 

3. Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Spray 

When you're done cleansing your skin with the facial wipes, the thermal water acts as a toner before you apply your moisturizer and/or sunscreen. It is very refreshing on the skin and also helps your skin absorb other products.



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5 Ways to Celebrate Galentine's Day with your BFF's!

Galentine's Day

No boyfriend? No problem! Gather your single ladies together and have a girls night to celebrate Galentine's Day!

Galentine's Day Gifts

Here are 5 amazing ways to celebrate with your BFF's:

1. Host a Potluck Dinner Party!

Having a potluck is probably the best thing to host with a large group of 'gals'! It takes the burden off the host and everyone will have something they like to eat! 

2. Have a wine tasting!

First, pick a theme like, Rose all day, only red or white wine, which ever is your favourite. Next, have each friend bring over their favourite bottle of wine and let the tasting begin!

3. Make a playlist and have a dance party!

Pick your favourite girl power songs and dance away! #AllTheSingleLadies

4. Enjoy a DIY spa day in!

Face masks, hair masks, manicures and pedicures, etc.

5. Have a sleepover!

First, pick a movie preferably a comedy or an old classic or binge watch your favourite TV series! Next, you need snacks, nothing says sleepover more than popcorn, chips and your favourite kind of chocolate.



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