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Tips and Tricks | How to Best Use Your Zipper Pull

How to zip up a dress

Purchased a zipper pull? That's great! We hope you enjoy all the time you'll save after you get dressed so quickly! Here are the best ways to use your zipper pull:

1. The Zipper Pull works best with high-back dresses. Our product is perfect to get over that "hard to reach area," mid-back of the high-back dresses that are so difficult to zip up.

2. Make sure you hook the Zipper Pull into the back zipper of your dress before you put the dress on. You then step into the dress, hold the bottom of the dress taught where the zipper starts, grab on to the Zipper Pull and pull the chain.

3. If your dress has fabric that gets stuck in the zipper make sure you zip the dress up a little more slowly. Carefully keep that tension on the chain so that the hook doesn’t fall out of the zipper.

4. Practice makes perfect. When you are taking out the hook from a zipper it may take a couple tries, but soon you will be unhooking like a pro!

5. To unzip your dress make sure you feel for the zipper and feel for the hole with your finger. When you find the zipper hole it will be easy to get the hook back in and un-zip! Make sure you hold the top of the dress attached to the zipper taught, while you unzip your dress. Again, practice makes perfect!

6. If you have a dress with fabric on the inside that gets caught in your zipper, try fashion taping it down to the inside of your dress.

7. The Zipper Pull works on zippers both invisible and regular zippers.8. There is a card in each package to include a special message for a bestie, mom, sister or even a bridesmaid proposal.

8. The packaging is easily opened, by pulling on the ribbon in the front. One can then write on the card (works best with a thin permanent marker so it doesn’t bleed or smudge) and put it back in the packaging.                                                                    

9. Apply products such as perfume, deodorant or hairspray before wearing your Zipper Pull as certain chemicals in these products may damage the finish.

10. Always remove your Zipper Pull before showering, swimming,doing household chores or using cleaners.

11. Never use jewelry cleaner. Jewelry cleaners are harsh and may contain abrasives.



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