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Natalie Catania, Founder, Ms. Dress Up Inc.

Natalie Catania, Founder

Ever googled “how to zip up a dress by yourself” or “dress zipper helper”? I did. Many times. That’s why in 2012 I created our Zipper Pull. I scratched my own itch. I wanted something elegant and pretty, that did the job easily, and wasn’t a homemade contraption that I’d lose or break easily.  

After struggling to get my dress zipped up one day, I wondered why getting dressed ultimately depended on someone being available to do the zipper up. A few months later I came up with the concept for the Zipper Pull after seeing a television show about divers. They all wore wetsuits and did them up effortlessly on their own with one tug of the strap attached to their back zipper.

The patented Zipper Pull is Ms. Dress Up's first product offering.  Ms. Dress Up's Zipper Pull will change the way women buy dresses forever.  Using the same idea as the wetsuit, an ornamental chain hooks to the zipper of a dress and is used as a pulley to effortlessly do it up.  Afterwards the chain becomes a necklace or bracelet.  This is the perfect product to wear that is not only stylish, but also useful in eliminating struggles when getting dressed and undressed. Just unclasp from around the neck or wrist and use.